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Mar 22, 2018 by Iqra Shaikh

I Purchased from Groupon like most other people but once the day of the surgery came my Groupon account wouldn't let me use the lasik I had bought. The staff at Vison One were accommodating and did not pressure me when I had to spend over a hour after my scheduled appointment time to figure out what was wrong.

A+ Service!

Mar 05, 2018 by Zydre T

I purchased a lasik from Groupon, and it was one of the best decisions because I saved lots of money and got A+ service. From the first appointment everything went smoothly, they explaining everything about surgery and after it from A to Z. I highly recommend Vision One Lasik Center.

Amazing Staff & Doctor

Jan 02, 2018 by Oscar Mora

The staff here is very friendly, they treat you with nothing but respect. Dr Kraff is a master at what he does. I've been wearing glasses for 15 years; got lasik a month ago, and now I'm at 20/20.
Thanks a lot to this amazing staff and Doctor


Dec 27, 2017 by Adilene Zarate

I recently had lasik done, the staff really helped prepare me before surgery. When I laid down for the surgery, I got a little nervous, but the staff & doctor spoke to me throughout the surgery & really helped me calm down. I am extremely happy with the results ! I really recommend it !

Great & Professional

Dec 04, 2017 by Sergio Cardenas Jr.

I wanted better vision so I turned to Vision One as my only consultation, from beginning to end the experience was great and I loved every single part of it. I'm just mad I didn't go through with it sooner. The staff was Great, professional and made every single aspect of Lasik a breeze. I have already recommended Vision one to everyone I know and they will soon be happy with their vision once again. Lasik was better than expected and I am now seeing at 20/15. Thank you to the staff at Vision One and I am happy to have gone through with the procedure, I would do it again but only with Vision One.

Top Notch Professionals

Nov 06, 2017 by Fred Maurer

Dr. Brand is the best if you like professionals who give you the most no nonsense, focused, expert help possible in the limited time you have with them. I do, so I appreciate his combination of top notch professionalism and personal attention. He's also a nice, fun guy. Super helpful staff too. I've been going for around 5 years and have no plans to change

Best Decision!

Oct 02, 2017 by Jen Evola

"Best decision ever made. It's almost 4 weeks post op and I can see great! Very little dryness and experienced no pain at all! Fantastic group of doctors and staff. Highly recommend this place!"

Highly Recommend!

Sep 12, 2017 by Cristian Paredes

Staff is well knowledgeable! They very well knew what they were saying. Reassured me that the surgery will go fine, which I am proud to say my new vision is amazing! If you're looking for a place to get Lasik. Then look no further and pick Vision One! I highly recommend!

I'm so happy

Aug 26, 2017 by Silvia

Very happy. Now I can see what diferent is my life without my ugly glasses. 100 recommend it Im so happy I never felt pain, just I was scaret about it but I think it is normal also it was so quickly. And could see the diference next day.

Couldn't Be Happier

Dec 07, 2016 by Briana Schmidt

I had the ideal surgery here. My vision was a -2.5 and now I have 20/15 vision and can even read a few letters on the 20/10 line! The surgery took less than 5 minutes, it was overall pain free even after the numbing drops wore off. The next day I woke up like nothing had happened and went for my follow up exam with perfect vision. I followed their post op instructions and had no problems, not even halos. I couldn't be happier.

Vision One Lasik Center , USA 5.0 5.0 30 30 I Purchased from Groupon like most other people but once the day of the surgery came my Groupon account wouldn't let me use the lasik I had bought. The staff at Vison One were acco

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