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What Makes Us Different?

lasik3When it comes to choosing a physician to perform your Lasik eye surgery, you need to carefully consider your options. It’s a very important decision, as the risk and benefit can vary, not only from procedure to procedure, but from device to device, and from surgeon to surgeon depending on their level of experience with a particular procedure.
Here are a few reasons why more patients trust Vision One Lasik Center than any other Lasik center in Chicagoland:

#1 – Vision One Is a Private Practice.

We run a private practice, and have taken great care in building relationships with the communities we serve, and with the patients who trust us with their care. We have built a name for ourselves by treating our patients successfully for many years. Our patients take solace in the fact that we are not a corporate-driven entity, driven by profits, but a private medical practice, driven to provide the best possible care and treatment.

#2 – We Are Not a Corporate Chain

The popularity of Lasik vision correction has led to many profiteers, and the emergence of corporate chain Lasik vision centers. Here you will be treated by employees, and technicians, who do not have a long-term stake in your health. Once again, we are a private medical practice, built by the physicians. Our practice is our life, and livelihood. We have built our practice and our name by successfully treating and caring for patients, not by spending money to build stores and hire employees.

#3 – Dr. Burger has made more patients see 20/20 than any Lasik Surgeon living in Illinois.

Dr. Burger has years of experience, and has successfully treated more patients any lasik surgeon living in Illinois. It is this experience that many of our patients seek when choosing a physician. After all, experience is one of the most important factors in reducing the risks associated with Lasik eye surgery. With Dr. Burger, you can be assured that you are being treated by one of the most experienced, successful physicians conducting Lasik eye surgery in Chicagoland.

#4 – We have fees that are the lowest of any Lasik Center in Illinois.

While no benefit can compare to quality of care you receive, costs can be a concern, and at Vision One Lasik Center, we have made our pricing as competitive as any Lasik center in Chicagoland. We work with our patients to make our services affordable, so that all patients considering Lasik eye surgery, can have access to quality surgical care from an experienced physician, at a price that is manageable in their budgets.

#5 – Total care by the doctor, not a technician.

Throughout the entire process, from consultation, to post-op examinations and follow-ups, you will be treated directly by your physician. We are licensed medical doctors, not medical practitioners and technicians. We understand patient care from the perspective of a physician, and have spend our lives dedicated to medicine. At Lasik One Vision Center, you can be certain a medical doctor will be providing you treatment at all times.

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