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Save Money With Lasik

The cost of Lasik Eye Surgery has dramatically decreased over the past several years making it very affordable and well worth your money. Although Lasik has become more affordable many people still  look at Lasik as being a “high cost” procedure in the beginning but when you break down the numbers, Lasik eye surgery really saves you money in the long run.

Lets look at the cost of Lasik eye surgery from Vision One Lasik Center. Our costs are around $1,00-$1,400 per eye. If you take the highest rate per eye, this comes out to a total of $2,800 for Lasik eye surgery. $2,800 might sounds like a relativity large amount of money, but if you look at that over your life time it is really not a lot of money.

To compare contacts to lasik lets suppose you are 30 and for the next 40 years you will have to spend money on your eyes…

If for the next 40 years you purchased contacts the average price is around $53.00 per eye for a 6 month supply that would equal, $212.00 a year and for 40 years $8,480. That is a lot of money to be spent on contacts and does not include glasses, which change every 5 or so years. If you compare that number to your total Lasik costs, you would have an average savings of around $5,600.00! Just for 40 years. If you are younger these numbers will be higher or if your the same age you could need contacts longer than 40 years.

With these facts, now is a great time to decide to get Lasik eye surgery from Vision One Lasik Center. We know that spending $2,800 up front can be expensive and that’s probably why so many people continue to use contacts, but we offer our clients interest free financing to make Lasik eye surgery more affordable. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how Lasik eye surgery from Vision One Lasik Center can save you money and change your life.

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