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Post Op Lasik Eye Surgery Care

Taking care of your eyes after Lasik eye surgery is extremely important for the health of your eyes and to prevent infections.  Lasik eye surgery’s healing process is quick and for most patients painless with limited discomfort, but even when you are feeling great it is still important to take precautions. The most crucial and important things to not do is rub your eyes. It will be very tempting but rubbing your eyes can lead to other problems and more discomfort.

Most symptoms you will experience after surgery will only last a few days which is why we recommend taking a few days off to make sure you heal properly. It is also important to avoid makeup and taking showers until your follow up appointment because makeup can get into your eyes and showering can splash water into your eyes giving you discomfort, irritation and can lead to you rubbing your eyes, which in the end can cause complications with the flap created during the procedure.

Overall the post op care for Lasik eye surgery is simple and painless with just a few precautionary measure that are suggested until your follow up appointment. Vision One Lasik Center reviews all of these post op care items with you before and after surgery to make sure you have a full understanding of what to expect while your eyes heal. Contact Vision One Lasik Center today to schedule your Lasik eye surgery appointment the providers of the best post op Lasik eye surgery care.

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